The Art of Traveling Solo

Some of the best stories happen when traveling alone. People naturally feel more comfortable approaching someone traveling alone than people in groups. Airports, bars, hostels are all great places to meet new and exciting people.

Exhibit A - Nashville 2015

Picture: Taken on the balcony of Tootsies in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee

It was my last spring break ever and my friend told me to visit him in Nashville, Tennessee, so after basically no convincing I booked a flight. Decided to make an adventure out of it to visit more friends on the East Coast. So flights were booked to Nashville then Boston, Massachusetts. Two days later I get a phone call from my friend in Nashville that he got a new job and was moving back to California in the next two weeks (before I was supposed to be arriving there).

Now I have a non-returnable flight to Nashville & Boston with no where to stay in Nashville. Well, time to make the most of it. Booked myself into my first AirBnB and started looking up what to do in Nashville.

Night 1: I made reservations (one week in advance) for the infamous Blue Bird Cafe. Flew into the airport, ubered to my AirBnB to drop off my bags and jumped back in the same uber straight to the Blue Bird.

As is tradition in my unorganized fashion, I had NO idea what to expect when going to the Blue Bird. Thought I was going to see one person perform and did not know how it was going to go. While waiting in line, I met a really nice woman who was a regular at the Cafe. Her boyfriend was not able to make it that night so she was on her own, too. She was slightly confused to how a girl from California was in line alone at the Cafe. Apparently that's not as normal as I thought.

When we finally walked into the venue, she told the bouncer that she had an extra ticket and that I was sitting with her. Mind you, even though this is a small venue (understatement), I had the worst seats. Her seats were the table basically on top of the performers, to the point that one of the singers had to place his whiskey/soda on our table.

The table was just the beginning of my incredible night. This was not just some performance I was attending, it is called, "In the Round." "In the round" is four incredibly talented singers and song writers going around in a circle playing songs they have written, including award winning hits for Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, and David Cook, to just name a few.

After the show, my new friend told me that I was incredibly lucky, she had been to many shows at the Blue Bird and this was hands down the best show she's ever seen. I could not agree more. To this day, it was one of the best shows I've ever attended.

If I was with friends, this would have never been as great of an experience, meeting the woman that let me sit front stage with her, etc.

When planning an adventure, if none of your friends can get the time off or want to go, book it anyways. You could end up having the time of your life and meeting amazing people you never would have along the way.

If you are interested in attending the Blue Bird Cafe, I would suggest going on during "In the round" performances. It is a more intimate environment and different then any show I've been to. You have to make sure to book your tickets on the Blue Bird Cafe website a week in advance, but it is well worth it. Also, tickets are cheap.

Let me know if you have had in epic stories when traveling alone in the comments below or email me at

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