Ever since I was 12 years old, I’ve been obsessed with video and capturing the moments that meant most to me. Today, I love sharing these videos with everyone. I am now working in my dream career as a video editor/producer for CBS Maxpreps. In my spare time, I’m also doing freelance work for my company/brand.


Unorganized and Lost was started because of my love for travel. Whenever I would come back from a trip abroad people would tell me I was so brave and that they could never do the things I had done. Whether it be traveling alone, an activity that harnessed their fears or even traveling at all. I wanted to create a brand full of videos, blogs, and content in general that proved you don’t always have to be [organized] to follow your dreams and getting [lost] isn’t always a bad thing.


Since I created my company/brand in 2016 I have had a multiple people expressing their connection with the brand. Understanding that in life, there is never the perfect moment to go after your dream job, travel, take a leap of faith, etc. You have to make it happen. Find what you truly want in life and go after it even if you are feeling Unorganized & Lost. Get lost with me. Do it for the story!


© 2019 Unorganized & Lost

Proving you don't always have to be [organized] to follow your dreams & that getting [lost] isn't always a bad thing!
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